Monday, November 22, 2004
Greens, bird, 'taters, more bird, mac&cheese, bird...


Get your holiday calorie burning regimen in gear Thursday night and get up out the house, away from Uncle Clifford and 'em, out from in front of the tv, and get your groove on!

I'll be filling in for DJ Dredd at The Blue Room for the good Uncle Q's Living Room party, hosted by my favorite nephew Quartermaine of Critically Acclaimed.

This jont is $.FREE99!! Yes indeed. And per Q's request, I'm pulling out all classics, from soul & funk butterz to timeless hip-hop gems to new jack swing (yes, again).

Thurs 11/25, 10 - 2am
The Blue Room
2321 18th St. NW
Washington, DC

Don't forget to check out myself & Jahsonic at Artomatic on Friday too. 3rd floor, Liquid Lounge, 8 - midnight. And that jont is also FREE.

- Stylus


Monday, November 08, 2004
"It ain't ova... party's not ova" - Teddy Riley

We had a BALL at the Halloween party. We had a set of straight up Big Lez style dancers holding it down on the floor, equipped with platinum blonde asymetricals, spandex & knee-pads (big ups Retta & Naomi). We had the long lost 4th member of Salt-N-Pepa in the house (big ups Chris!). Risikat was a body double for one of Mary J. Blige's dancers from when she was performing joints off her first album on the Apollo stage. It was jive crucial. Photos soon come.

In the meantime, the cd's are finally back, although I was disappointed that they weren't ready in time for the party. It doesn't matter now though because we got enough pressed up to sell them right from the site.

Art-O-Matic is in effect and if you don't go, you will be the bamma of the week, week, week.... Every time it comes around it's bigger and more fun than the previous one and this year is definitely no different. Of course the SoulCeez will be contributing to this grand extravaganza of creative mirth. Check me and Jahsonic out every Wednesday during Art-O-Matic (11/17, 11/24 & 12/1) in the room designated as 325 MLK Blvd. LSP has coordinated a poetry and music series called Liquid Lounge and we'll be fulfilling the dj portion. Festivities get going at 7pm for each show.

- Stylus



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