Thursday, January 29, 2004

Damn, damn, damn, James...

With the Godfather locked up, Stylus is the hardest working man in showbiz this weekend... He's spinning at Visions, 1927 Florida Ave NWDC, with Adrian Loving tomorrow (1/30), and he's doing Synergy (with the Kat's Korner lead-in) at Mango's, 14th & U Sts NWDC, on Saturday (1/31).

BTW Stylus-- I really think we could've taken those 400 pound dudes who were gritting on your boys last Saturday... simple physics, cuz, but I guess it's good that cooler heads prevailed... blah. Do you know how many people you had running for their dictionaries when you dropped "myopic" in the CP article last week? Way to edify the masses. And your boy Ghostface seems to appreciate your skillset, too.

And to Book-- the lunch mix was way outta control today... You didn't really play PR&CL's "In The House" in the middle of the day on 'PGC, did you? Album cuts-- what!! You're gonna be responsible for one of those Parliament Place suits having a medical emergency. oh well.

Bah Weep Grahna Weep Ni Ni Bong.

- ed


Friday, January 23, 2004

A grittier looking backdrop, maybe? Everyone else got brick walls and stages! (Photo by Darrow Montgomery for the Washington City Paper)

Back at the end of '99, when we decided to conclude our run at 'MUC (just weeks after our last group appearance in the City Paper), it was partly because the powers-that-be around the way were fronting so hard on any and all attempts to bring the kind of music we love and support to the masses. Three full years later, and the situation for DC-area acts trying to get on is still bad enough to merit a CP cover story. Ugh. Sarah Godfrey did a bang-up job, so make sure you check it out.

Moving along... Stylus is gonna be thizzling at Krunk, held at South Beach, 7904 Woodmont Ave in Bethesda tomorrow night (1/24/04), along with his band... go.

Regional pride compels me to point out that Common was on this MTV "Hip-Hop Slanguistics" show claiming "joe" as Chicago slang... Etymological revisionism will not be tolerated; that's a DC jont, and you know it, Cornbread.

Fly 25 in January? Outlook bleak, but anything can happen...

- ed


Thursday, January 01, 2004

Stylus is spinning tomorrow night (1/2/04) at The Official Okayplayer Winter Tour Afterparty at Andalu (1214 18th St NW DC) from 10pm until Questlove finishes the 9:30 Club show and shows up there to relieve Stylus of turntable duties (then Questo spins 'til 5 in the morning-- sleep some other time); 21 & up, damage is 12 bones-- be there.

Stylus would post something here sometime Saturday telling you how great the jont was and how you should smack yourself for not knowing about it, but I've got your back, and I wanna spare you the drama... I'm such a nice guy I could gag. Moving along...

Happy 2004 and all that! Hope you had a pleasant holiday season. I think I speak for all four of us when I say "Good Riddance!" to '03, but maybe that's just us being us. Ah, but before the Naught-Tre gets too distant in your Bentley's rearview, there's still a little leftover to wrap up:

Item 1--Book and Elite did our last show of the year a couple weeks back:

12/20/03--Hour 1
LL Cool J- Jack The Ripper
Pharcyde- Passing Me By (Remix)
Kam- Still Got Love 4 Um
Trendz Of Culture- Who Got My Back?
Redman- Tonite's Da Nite
Grand Puba f/ Mary J Blige- Check It Out
Common- Soul By The Pound (Remix)
Nice & Smooth- Down The Line
Beatnuts- Reign Of The Tec
Pete Rock & CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You
ADOR- Let It All Hang Out
A Tribe Called Quest- Hot Sex
Da King & I- Krak Da Weasel
Shyhiem Da Rugged Child- On And On (Remix)
Brand Nubian- Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

12/20/03--Hour 2
Mystery Beat
Common- Tekzilla
DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Freddie Foxx- Scram
Unspoken Heard- Elevator Music
Slum Village- Players
Priest Da Nomad- S--- Is Real
Large Professor- Mad Scientist
Dilated Peoples- Work The Angles
Freddie Foxx- Bumpy Knuckles Baby!
KRS-ONE- Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)
Pete Rock- Tru Masta
A Tribe Called Quest- Jazz (Remix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Shine On Me
Roots- Concerto Of The Desperado
Blahzay Blahzay- Danger
Jeru Da Damaja- Come Clean
Mobb Deep- Burn
Kev Brown- Nitefall
Gangstarr- Mass Appeal
Big Daddy Kane- Any Type Of Way
J-Live- True School Anthem
Jaz-O- Love Is Gone
Omega- Shake It Up
Break/ Outro

Item 2--Fly 25 Countdown soon come. Check back; we'll let you know when that's going down.

Item 3--To the boys and girls who attended Kat's New Year's Bash on the 31st/1st featuring Stylus, Elite, and Jamil (respect) on the wheels, you need to hit her up up and troop through for her cleaning party, cuz y'all know you're wrong for wrecking the place like that...

'Til all are one...

- ed



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