Thursday, October 30, 2003

(or two even...)

Book's Soul Ceez "adult contemporary" mix on 'PGC will make an interesting counterpoint to the super-gully XM episodes coming up over the next few weeks. Yes, we've loaded up the guns, and have brought our friends to get some new shows out the door, because October was... well, let's just say we took a little breather from the broadcast. Catch all new episodes starting next Friday, November 10th, at midnight.

I do so love the web. Inspired by the aforementioned Tami set at Mango's, I rifled through miles of videotape until I found the tape I shot of her covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at a show back in May. I've been cranking the CD I made from the tape all week, and thanks to the good folks at, I can sing along. I actually feel a little less stupid and contagious now! Yay!

Random thought number $FFD2-- Did Cosby ever get a check from the producers of "What's Happening?" for their blatant jacking of Fat Albert's "Hey Hey Hey?" I mean, they changed the inflections (from Cosby's "hey-Hey-HEY" to Berry's "hey-HEY-Hey"), but there's a definite copyright infringement thing happening there, right? One of my clients at the day job had done some work for Fred Berry, and was trying to get him to do a testimonial advertisement for their business... I was looking forward to the shoot, but alas... Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Ma Bush Head didn't know that parents don't let their Trick-or-Treaters eat boxed raisins anymore, because the boxes aren't tamper-proof. Besides-- raisins? A little lame, yes? Anyways, I've got hundreds of little boxes of Sun-Maids that can't be given away to the babies... But feel free to swing by the beat lab and grab a few if you feel like living dangerously.

Eff that-- hang out with Stylus at Visions... Enjoy All Hallow's Eve, y'all.

- ed


Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Wow! The Solemn One speaks! This is a major step forward for the SoulCeez, enjoy it while it lasts. While Book's been doing it over the airwaves, I've kept busy around town. Tami's set at Mango's last week was memorable, big ups to everyone that stuck around for the afterparty. Taste of DC was pretty hot too, thanks in no small part to a lot of Vodka and ill dj's (Jamil, Adrian, 007, Enferno, Geometrix, ad infinitum)

I played at Republic Gardens too.



No comment.

Just make sure you call WPGC and tell them how wonderful Book is.

- Stylus


Tuesday, October 28, 2003 i finally post. That bamma stylus threatened me. Kinda late, but um.....check WPGC 95.5 tomorrow (wednesday) @ noon. I'm doing the old school mix. In fact, i did it monday & tuesday. Check the playlists............soulceez adult contemporary style......

Monday 10/27

troop - spread my wings (clark kent rmx)

chuckii booker - turned away (yo.......we must be related)

tears for fears - shout

hall & oates - adult education (lesson for the youngins)

samuelle - so you like what you see

sybil - dont make me over

sybil - walk on by

soul II soul - keep on movin

zhane - vibe (groove theory rmx)

queen latifah - unity

envogue - hold on

nikki d - daddy's little girl

mc lyte - georgie porgie

sweet tee - on the smooth tip

Tuesday 10/28

whispers - keep on loving me

whispers - rock steady

george beson - inside love

stevie wonder - do i do

atlantic star - circles

prince - i wanna be your lover

howard johnson - so fine

skyy - lets celebrate

patrice rushen - forget me nots

george benson - give me the night

chic - good times

queen - another one bites the dust

d-train - keep on


- Stylus


Thursday, October 09, 2003

You can say the F-word on the U.S. airwaves ... if you're U2's BONO and you do it as a "fleeting and isolated" adjective unrelated to sex. BONO's ad lib on the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS telecast on CBS that the award was "really, really f--king brilliant" drew a complaint from the PARENTS TELEVISION COUNCIL and about 200 of its members, but the FCC, saying the use of the word "may be crude and offensive, but, in the context presented here, did not describe sexual or excretory organs or activities," rejected the complaint. The PTC says it will appeal.


So the effing Tapestry jont at the effing Blue Room was effing spectacular... Good effing isht.

We're running another effing re-run this week... I'm being mad effing lazy about producing episodes of the effing show.

I need to eff someone soon or... oops, can't use it in that context.


- ed


Monday, October 06, 2003
Right now, I can blame the losing ways of Washington's NFL franchise on the bad karma attached to their racial-slur of a name. If they were to change their name, what would be the excuse then?

Oh well, at least they made it interesting at the end...

Stylus is at the Blue Room in Adams Morgan on Wednesday the 8th for Kat's Korner. Go to the jont.


- ed


Friday, October 03, 2003
Am I doomed to never catch another Opus Akoben show? They were scheduled to perform at Club 5 last night; in spite of Aisha Tyler's guest role on "Friends," I would've gladly skipped that, "Scrubs," and "CSI" to make it to the spot. Unfortunately, I didn't get the email telling me about the joint until an hour-and-a-half after the performance's scheduled start.

Darn late email deliveries. I hate when that happens.

The show is a re-run this weekend. Sorry.

I'm kinda in the media, and I'm not at all desirous for the Eagles' black quarterback to do well, at least not this weekend... McNabb and 'em are 5-point favorites against my beloved Racial-slurs.



- ed



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