Tuesday, April 29, 2003
So somehow, we didn't catch it, but we ended up playing "Live at the Barbecue" twice last week; Stylus played it during the first hour, then Elite hit it again after PMD's Little Brother interview. "Looking at the Front Door" was in there, too... Here's hoping that K-Cut and Sir Scratch enjoy the little something extra in their royalty checks.

Enough mambo-jahambo-- here's last week's playlist:

4/26/03--Hour 1


The B-Boys- 2, 3, Break

Isabella Jenkins- What

Gangstarr- You Know My Steez

Hieroglyphics- Oakland Blackouts

Kombo f/ Grap Luva- Time For A New Horizon

The Demigodz- Don’t You Even Go There

Little Brother- Light It Up

Saukrates- P’s And Q’s

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Shine On Me

Shabam Sadeeq- Soundclash


Unspoken Heard- Better (Butter)

Talib Kweli- Get By

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- It’s Like That

Main Source- Live At The Barbecue

Das Efx- Jussumen (Pete Rock Remix)

Main Source- Looking At The Front Door


4/26/03--Hour 2

Little Brother- Yo-Yo

Break/ Little Brother Interview

Little Brother- Speed

Break/ Little Brother Interview

Little Brother f/ Grap Luva & Kevin Brown- Can’t Stay Away

Break/ Little Brother Interview

Stezo- Freak The Funk

MC Lyte- I Am The Lyte

Diamond- Best Kept Secret

Big Daddy Kane- Mortal Combat

Kool Moe Dee- Knowledge Is King

Run-DMC- Beats To The Rhyme

Main Source- Live At The Barbecue

Boogie Down Productions- Jimmy


A Tribe Called Quest- Footprints

Chi-Ali- Roadrunner (Remix)

Public Enemy- Public Enemy #1

Break/ Outro

There ya go...


- ed


Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Quite loquacious and informative that Bush Head Ed, but also quite forgetful having neglected to mention that the store is now open for business. Feel free to move about the site and purchase hot shit. And now, some odds and ends:

- big ups to running into really dope dj's (Shablast and Ragz) you haven't seen in a long time while perusing the stock at Capital City Records.

- big ups to the Little Brother album. If I had heard this at age 13 instead of '3 Feet High and Rising' I would be wondering how Raleigh/Durham could be such a magical place instead of Long Island, NY.

- Stylus


Tuesday, April 22, 2003
So my boy Complex hits me up on the Nextel while stuck in traffic on the Beltway...

Complex: Yo, your boy Book was killing it on 'PGC this weekend!

Me: So I've heard... But I was in New York-- I missed it. Did you hear him on the Free Lunch Mix today?

C: Yeah, as soon I figured out it was him, I was hooked. Plus Michelle let him talk as the mix winded down... He said something about a CD he's got in stores?

Me: The CD comes from an hour of the show we did a while.. The set's bananacal.

I'm sure we said more on the subject, but the drugs are starting to kick in... Anyways, on to the point: DC area types can regularly catch Book in the mix on WPGC 95.5 on Fridays from Midnight-3am and Saturdays from 10pm-Midnight... Plus, THIS WEEK ONLY, catch a bonus DJ Book set during the mid-day mix thie Wednesday at Noon.

Who says DC radio sucks? (PMD, but hey, what does he know?)


- ed


Monday, April 21, 2003
XM announced they've hit the half-a-million subscriber mark... That means there's even more people can check us out, but probably aren't... Oh well, at least you, dear visitor, are in the know...

And now, last week's playlist:

4/19/03--Hour 1


Real Live- Real Live S---

LL Cool J f/ Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe, & Foxy Brown- I Shot Ya Remix

Sadat X- Stages And Lights

A Tribe Called Quest w/ Slum Village- That S---

Heather B w/ MOP- My Kinda N----

Smif N Wesun- Sound Bwoy Bureill


Rampage The Last Boyscout- Wild For Da Night

Ak Skills- One Life Ta Live

Royal Flush- Movin’ On Ya Weak Productions

Busta Rhymes f/ Q-Tip- Ill Vibe (The Ummah Remix)

Busta Rhymes f/ Q-Tip- Ill Vibe

All Natural- 50 Years

Xzibit- The Foundation


4/19/03--Hour 2

Kevin Brown- Always

Break/ Mystery Beat

Slum Village- Fantastic

DJ Spinna- Drive

Roots- The Good, The Bad, & The Desolate

Aboriginals- Chemistry

Little Brother- Light It Up

Bush Babees f/ De La Soul- The Love Song (Remix)

Opus Akoben- Ronin

Latyrx- Say That

Group Home- Livin’ Proof


Mood Swingaz- The Blessin’

K-Skillz & Dr. Beckett- First Class

Souls Of Mischief- Fa Sho Fa Real

The BUMS- Free My Mind

Mic Geronimo- The Natural

Mobb Deep- Temperature’s Rising

Pete Rock f/ Grand Agent- So This Is What They Meant

Break/ Outro

This Saturday, more Stylus and Mr. Elite mixes, plus PMD catches up with Little Brother... Listen, durnit.


- ed


Friday, April 18, 2003
Thanks to Dirty Handz and Athanasia Ink for coming through last week...

By the way, that show marked our first anniversary on XM... No fanfare, though-- our plans to do something special got squashed; besides, there's too much serious stuff going on in the world...

Coming up this weekend, we've got sets from Stylus and Mr. Elite on the schedule... There's 300-something-thousand XM subscribers out there now... Surely you're no more than six degrees from someone who has the jont... Make friendly with that person and catch the show this weekend...


- ed


Baby Breaks, XM playlist

Monday, April 14, 2003
- Baby Breaks are selling like duct tape and plastic at code orange (i still haven't put the store together yet, but you can get it from Turntablelab.com!)

- Paranoia is in stores

- I'm playing with FunkDC at Visions this Saturday and with LemurGenome at Guarapo on the 24th

Keep checking back for more though, and now... Saturday's playlist from the Soul Controller Mix Show. Special guest in hour 2!

4/12/03 XM Show - Hour 1

Kev E Kev & Ak B- Listen To The Man
K-Solo- Your Mom’s In My Business
Critically Acclaimed f/ Cy Young- Flashbacks (Remix)
50 Cent- Follow Me Gangsta
Kay Slay f/ 50 Cent- 50 Shot Ya
Jedi Mind Tricks f/ Kool G Rap- Animal Rap
Pete Rock f/ Kool G Rap- Truly Yours '98
Pete Rock- #1 Soul Brother
Gangstarr f/ Jadakiss- Rite Where U Stand
Jadakiss- None Of Y’all Betta
Shawn Notty- 4 Steps
Bush Babees w/ Mos Def- The Love Song
Bush Babees f/ Mos Def & De La Soul- The Love Song Remix


Ghostface Killah- Daytona 500
De La Soul f/ DJ Premier- Much More
L'il Kim- I Came Back For You
Diplomats- Who I Am
MOP- Live From Ground Zero


4/12/03 XM Show - Hour 2 (featuring DJ Dirty Handz)

Athanasia Ink Freestyle
Showbiz & AG f/ Dres- Bounce Ta This
Special Ed- Think About It
Beatnuts- Reign of the Tec
BDP- I’m Still #1
MC Lyte- Cha Cha Cha
Biz Markie- Make The Music
Big Daddy Kane- Ain’t No Half Steppin'
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew- Keep Risin' To The Top
Kid 'N Play- Rollin' With Kid ‘N Play
Special Ed- The Mission
EPMD- So Whatcha Sayin'
Eric B & Rakim- I Know You Got Soul
Slick Rick- Children's Story
Lords Of The Underground- Chief Rocka
Lords Of The Underground- Funky Child


Organized Konfusion- Thirteen
Group Home- Inna Citi Life
Black Sheep- Similak Child
OC- Time's Up
Black Moon- How Many MC's
Black Moon- I Gotcha Opin Remix
Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Straighten It Out

Break/ Outro


- Stylus



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